Certified Personal Trainer

Karen Young


About Karen

Karen is a certified personal trainer with 17 years experience coaching clients, and is a three-time NPC Figure Competitor. She would describe her training style as focused on Whole-Being-Wellness. No matter the client’s age or physical ability, Karen loves helping all determined people improve by strengthening their bodies, inside and out, in the gym and in the kitchen. Mental health is of equal value, as one cannot be well without the physical and mental elements working together. Through confidence building and body building, Karen has helped countless people gain empowerment and strength throughout their bodies.


Karen moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in the winter of 2008. She is a hard-working mom of two kids, her 15 year old daughter, and her 11 year old son. Karen was born and raised on her Midwest family farm in Marion, Ohio. She is the third of four children. While her three siblings all pursued IT careers, Karen always felt more drawn to athletics and the outdoors. She attempted nearly every sport her small school had to offer, and found her passion running track and cross-country. She landed her first high-school coaching job in 2000, assisting with track, cross-country, and weightlifting. At that time, she was also a full-time student, earning her BGS degree in Health and Human Performance, at the University of Louisiana, Monroe. Karen went on to earn her Master of Science Education degree in Kinesiology in 2004, and also became a certified personal trainer that year.